Friday, February 26, 2016

Week 5 Review

After a week of major anticipation and having everyone tell me that I had to see Deadpool because it was the best  superhero movie, I went to see it. I usually don’t like to go to movies with expectations but with this one, I had no choice. Everyone kept telling me that I had to go watch and how funny it was. Therefore I went to see it thinking that it would be my new favorite super hero movie. Dont get me wrong, It was a great movie filled with action, humor and romance. I don't understand how it was on hold for eleven years since the movie is the perfect compromise for a valentines day movie. I liked the Ryan Reynolds was aware that he was in a movie, I think this made it funny since he made humorous comments about himself and other pop culture references. His personality was also perfect for the role since he has that playful attitude, but is also a little but of a badass. The movie was extremely funny and I definitely recommend it, but in my opinion, Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Iron Man series are the best superhero movies with a bit of comedic relief, hands down.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 4 Review

On sunday (Valentine's Day), after family brunch, my little cousin begged me to take her and her friend to watch "How To Be Single", since they are not 18 yet and the movie was rated R. I already had plans with my best friend, Tiana, to go watch it later that afternoon so I invited her along. Tiana had just recently broken up with her boyfriend and the two week withdrawal period had started to kick in. Since she had just become newly single and had forgotten what being single was all about this movie was perfect for her to watch. For anyone that has just broken up with their significant other this movie will definitely be relatable. Tiana had broken up with her boyfriend so she could focus on herself, which is exactly what Alice, one of the main characters did on the opening scene. It was really funny to me because the first two minutes of the movie which consisted of the breakup, was probably the exact breakup that Tiana and her boyfriend had. This movie is really fun to watch. Rebel wilson plays a promiscuous, live of the party, young soul who brings hilarious parts into this movie. She takes Alice under her wing and teacher her how to be single.  Although Alice somewhat enjoys being single, she questions both her loneliness and the need to be someone’s girlfriend. By the end of the movie, she realizes that before she can be with someone else, she needs to learn how to be happy by being alone, just with herself, her thoughts, and her goals.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 3 Review

My best friend begged me to go see bad grandpa. Even though I had ambivalent feelings I complied and went to see it with her and my mom. We got there thirty minutes late but we still enjoyed the movie and were easily able to follow along. Although it was extremely ridiculous, the movie was actually surprisingly funny and entertaining. The story follows a young man with his grandfather, who has recently widowed and in order to forget the passing of his wife; he is desperate to relive his younger days and have sex with a hot college student that has shown interest in him. The grandfather ends up teaching his grandson a lesson about living life to the fullest. If you are looking for a fun time you should definitely go watch it. I love the fact that the theater was filled with grandmothers and grandfathers watching the movie together. I kept wondering if the grandfathers thought that they should leave their wives and go run along with a hot young girl.

Being Valentine's weekend and all, the theaters are filled up with movies about love. Ranging from romantic comedies, to zombie romance and even a superhero love story. I am ready to spend the weekend in my sweatpants at the movies with some ice cream chocolate and a bag of popcorn. 

Week 2 Review

So I finally went to see joy. I have no idea what the big hype about this movie was. I guess they needed the promotion. The acting was good and the story was real but I just found it to be extremely boring. There were some points of excitement but overall it wasn't very entertained. I was so bored to the point that I left early.

I also went to see carol. This movie was good I guess. The acting was also really good. I think it must have been a bit hard for the two actresses to engage in such intimate scenes with each other since they are not gay in real life, but then again they are actresses. It was also interesting to see how different being gay was just a couple of years ago. It's really astonishing and  sad that it was considered a mental illness.