Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review week 9

This week I saw two movies that I truly enjoyed. The first was The aviator. The aviator is a movie based on the life of  the director, entrepreneur and aviator Howard Hughes. Leonardo Di Caprio does an amazing job portraying him. Howard Hughes inherited a fortune at 19, when his father, a Texan oil driller passed. Passionate about film, he moved to L.A. and began to produce and direct movies. The movie starts of with his three year journey into making Hells Angels, a war movie, where he mixed his passion for planes with his passion for filmmaking. The movie also shows his romantic encounters with many Hollywood actresses, including Katherine Hepburn and Ava Gardner. His enthusiasm about planes let him to become an aviation pioneer who set many world records. Hughes also bought TWA, and help build it into a major airline. In his effort to make TWA, a big arline with planes flying all over the world, he had to fight against PAN AM Airlines. The movie ends with Howard's triumph in a court case where he was being tried for being a war profiteer, due to loaning money from the government for planes that were never used. Hughes doesn't only win this case, but he also feels accomplished when he flew his H-4 Hercules a plane boat with a wingspan longer than a football field. Through all of these accomplishments Hughes was always fighting and was tormented from his phobias, depression and OCD, which eventually led him to become a recluse. Even Though long, I truly enjoyed the movie and learned some aviation history. When the movie ended, I was still so interested in Hughes and his person that I spent about an hour reading about him and looking through some of his biographies.


  1. These kinds of intense movies are usually the great but long types.

  2. I have never seen these movies but they look a bit interesting. Maybe if I have time I will watch one of them.