Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 10 Review

Eddie the Eagle was a great movie. It truly is a great and fun becoming adversity feel good movie. Since the moment I saw it would come out I wanted to see it. I love winter sports and have been skiing since I was a baby.I had also heard the story of Eddie the Eagle when I was around 10 by a ski school teacher. So when I opened my fandango and so the movie poster, It took me back to when I was a little kid in ski school. The movie is based on a true story which follows Michael Edwards, a boy who had always dreamed of going to the olympics and being part of a British olympic team. He tried out for the British Olympic ski team but was cut due to his leg and knee impediment and strange manner. Being so driven, Eddie decided to go to Germany to test his skills at ski jumping. At first he failed miserably and even ended up in the hospital with a broken arm. As soon as he was cleared to jump again, he went back up to the ramp. His spirit and determination caught the eye of Bronson Peary, a former American Olympic ski jumper who now worked as a snow plower. With Peary’s training Eddie gradually improved to the point where he classified for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Even though he did not win, he did make the British record for ski jumping and his grand excitement lifted the crowds spirit and filled with joy. On his return to England he was greeted at the airport with support and praise from British fans.