Monday, May 9, 2016

Review week 11

The other night while scrolling through my TV guide, I came across a movie called taxi. It caught my attention because on the movie poster I saw Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon is by far my favorite late night comedian. I even went through a time where I was kinda obsessed with him. I would record his show and watch the next day while eating his The Tonight Dough, Ben and jerry’s ice cream which is actually amazing and pretty addicting. The movie seemed pretty bad but I couldn't help it and decided to play it. A si predicted it was a bad movie. In the movie Jimmy is portrays a dumb cop who always messes up and does everything wrong. On one of his chases he jumps in queen layoffs taxi cab. Queen Latifah is an incredibly able driver who catches up with the thieves, until jimmy messes up and they loose them. At this point I decided that Jimmy does a much better job as a late night host than as an actor so I stopped watching the movie. A couple nights later, I was once again presented with a Jimmy Fallon movie. This one was called Fever Pitch and the co-star was Drew Barrymore. In this movie, Jimmy a teacher, begins dating a businesswoman played by Drew Barrymore. In the beginning they don't seem to have a lot of the same interest but eventually fall in love. Their relationship was well until the baseball season began, and Drew realizes that Jimmy is completely obsessed with the Red Soxs. This romantic comedy wasn't half as bad as Taxi, but I still think that Jimmy made the right decision in sticking to late night talk shows.


  1. I remember those movies and how good they were. I think my favorite one out of the two is taxi though.

  2. I love jimmy Fallon too and his ice cream of course ! I have never seen those movies but now I know.