Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 12 Review

Loving superhero movies, especially The Avengers and Iron Man, I was super excited to go see Captain America: Civil War. I had never seen a Captain America movie before, because honestly Captain America did not sound too entertaining for me. Since this one featured Tony Stark and some other members of the Avengers crew I decided to watch it. Due to problems in one the Avengers missions, and because they're missions often result in more chaos and destruction, the United Nations, make a plan to control the team, by overseeing them and deciding what missions and problems the Avengers should go solve. Because of opposing views, the Avengers is divided into two groups. One of these groups is lead by Captain America who believes that the Avengers should remain free and defend humanity without government interference, and the other led by Tony Stark who surprisingly defends the decision to be under government oversight. Their opposing views lead to internal conflict, which eventually lead to the “civil war” between the team. Although filled with comedy and action, I thought the movie was too long and found myself bored at times. I did enjoy how Robert Downey Jr.’s character Tony Stark always brought comedic relief into the tense moments of the movie, and also liked the addition of new superheroes into the group. Captain America called Ant Man for help, who is also an amusing and goofy character and Tony Stark, recruited a young Spiderman. I liked how Marvel did a slight spin off of this young spider man, portraying him less experienced and serious than the one that Tobey Maguire has played. In my opinion, this movie is overrated and I think that people should just wait until it comes out in TV rather than waste $12 to watch it at the movies.

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